So now, Tuesday the 11th, is an Imox day (Imix in Yucatec).

The Maya have a few trepidations about Imox. Well, okay, maybe more than a few….

I remember one evening I was talking to a shamaness who was born on Imox. I told her that was my nawal too. She said, “What number?” I said, “Ten.” She said, “I’m a three.” I said, “What does that mean?” She said, “That means you’re even crazier than I am.”

Yes, Imox is said to be about craziness. It is a day when the time spirit, the energies moving weirdly through the world, the media and its demented mass consciousness, anything that’s both collective and cuckoo, can grab you and seize you and lead you astray.

That’s because it’s all right brain, no left brain, no logic. The up side: Imox is the nawal of the great ocean, which means it symbolizes the collective unconscious, the group mind. Sometimes people born on Imox can be masters of the phantasmagoric. Walt Disney, Federico Fellini and Orson Welles were all born on Imox days.

And my shamaness friend may not have been very precise when it came to clock time or other real world events, but when spirits were present and needed to be sent to the Otherworld in a positive way, guess who got the phone call?

This is a day to pray for clarity a day, for healing illnesses of the mind. Upon this day we pray for good mental health, both for ourselves and for all those around us. We pray that our dreams and visions may bring us beauty and wisdom rather than delusion and craziness. Since this day has a strong connection with water, to be close to a flowing river or stream or the ocean is beneficial upon this day.

Today, you may not trust your logic. But you can trust your visions and dreams.

And then, of course, it’s a 7. In many Maya communities, the ritual cycle goes from Day 6 through Day 9. In Xela, they do ceremony on the 7 days as part of the ritual cycle, but in Momos, just an hour away by chicken bus, they skip the 7. It is sometimes called a number of death and endings. Why? Because any day sign will recur in the following sequence: 1, 8, 2, 9, 3, 10, 4, 11, 5, 12, 6, 13, 7. So you see, 7 is the end of things. As I mentioned yesterday, the deepest level of meaning for the wisdom of the tzolk’in is said to be contained in the Popol Vuh. So the first pair of Hero Twins is called 1 Junajpu and 7 Junajpu, and they go to the Underworld to face the lords 1 Death and 7 Death. This is just like saying the “alpha and omega” or “the beginning and end” of the Hero Archetype, the beginning and end and totality of the Death Archetype, etc.

This is why we count the day signs of a Mayan horoscope by way of 9’s and 7’s. 9 is the number of life because we spend nine months in the mother’s womb; 7 is the number of death, as mentioned above. As the well known K’iche’ astrologer Roberto Poz once remarked to me: “It takes both life and death to weave the tapestry of a complete human being.”

So you see… On some days it is appropriate to go out into the world and take action in life. On other days, it is appropriate to turn within, meditate, catch up on your dream journal, and so on.

Happy meditations, everyone!