9 Akbal


Today is a sweetheart of a day.

First of all, it’s a 9 day. I have already mentioned that 9 is regarded as the number of life because we spend nine months in the womb of the mother. 9 is also said to be the number of the ancestors, and the number of women. In Momos, female shamans hold their own special ceremonies on 9 E’ (Eb) and 9 B’atz’ (Chuen).

You may wonder: If 9 symbolizes both ancestors and women, does that suggest that the Maya were once matriarchal? This is what the scholar Rafael Girard once asserted in his book “Esotericism of the Popol Vuh.” Girard had advanced university degrees, but none of them were in anthropology, so anthropologists ignore him. Maya Daykeepers tend not to have books by anthropologists on their own shelves (with the exception of Barbara Tedlock, a Daykeeper). They do have books by Rafael Girard. They say: “Sometimes the anthropologists don’t know what they’re talking about.”

The day Aq’ab’al (Yucatec: Akbal) is the day of romance. There used to be a rather charming custom in Momos, only parts of which remained by the time I got there. When a young man wanted to marry a girl, he would choose a group of “marriage singers” (many of whom seem to have been born on Aq’ab’al days) to walk down the street, serenading the girl until they reached the house of her parents, where they would negotiate the marriage arrangements. This kind of public serenade could be the most delightful moment in a girl’s life – unless, of course, she didn’t know the boy had feelings for her, in which case it could be jaw-droppingly embarrassing. At present, they still have specialists who do the negotiations, but to the best of my knowledge they no longer walk down the street and sing. In any case, I have never seen it.

Women born on Aq’ab’al days are known for their romantic temperaments. Aq’ab’al men are known for their artistic flair, especially when it comes to words.

What to do today?

Arrange a romantic evening with the one you love.

Write a poem.

Dust off the guitar you played in college and pick a few tunes.

If you are in need of a job, look for one today. They Maya say that Aq’ab’al is favorable for job hunting – probably because it’s such a charming day that people will have a good impression of you.