11 Chicchan

Today is 11 Kan in K’iche’ (Yucatec: Chicchan). Yes, I know that yesterday was Kan in Yucatec and something else in K’iche’, and I agree that it is genuinely confusing.

As I mentioned earlier, the archetype of Feathered Serpent manifests in three forms in the tzolk’in. The day sign Iq’ is his manifestation as the Wind God or symbol of the Divine Breath. The day sign Aj or Ben has a strong relationship with the historical Toltec teacher. Chicchan or Kan – the day of the Serpent – has to do with Feathered Serpent as a manifestation of pure energy.

The K’iche’ Maya of the Guatemalan highlands recognize a force within us called koyopa. The word literally means “lightning.” If someone is talking about the weather, they probably mean actual physical lightning, but if they are talking about spiritual matters, they are most likely referring to the inner lightning or “lightning in the blood.” This energy collects itself in the 13 joints of the body and may manifest in terms of spiritual messages, divinatory powers, and so on. I have asked several well educated Daykeepers whether they thought that the koyopa was the same thing as the Hindu concept of kundalini. The inevitable answer was: “What else could it possibly be?” This day sign symbolizes the koyopa.

As with the Hindu concept, the Mayan perception of koyopa is that it is an energy which is both sexual and intellectual – though here we are speaking of “intellect” not as arid speculation but as the curiosity which drives us toward deeper and deeper knowledge of the truth. It is often said that people born upon the day of the Serpent have a natural talent for the sciences, and especially for computers. I have found this to be true. This is the archetype of the sexy scientist.

But on an 11 day, it is perhaps better to allow the koyopa energy to be channeled into quieter pursuits. Even numbered days express their positive qualities somewhat more easily than odd numbered days, and the higher numbers tend to be extremely forceful and intense, which not everyone enjoys. 11 is one of the highest of the odd numbers. It is, however, very creative, and its energy can be easily directed towards artistic pursuits.

Chicchan/Kan days, like Akbal days, are favorable for spending romantic time with your loved one. All Chicchan days are favorable for the study of subjects related to the higher mind, and that is especially true of these high numbered days, wherein the energy is best channeled or directed into such pursuits – as opposed to letting it “run wild.”

In Momos, shamans who have mastered the koyopa and are believed to have unusual psychic abilities often receive special initiations on high-numbered Chicchan/Kan days. Therefore, be aware of flashes of intuition or psychic insight, as such windows into the other world may very well be wide open today.